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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Der Einfluss des Polyamins Spermin auf Calciumsignale und Reaktionen auf Trockenstress bei GersteZimmermann, Nancy
2020IGF2BP1 is the first positive marker for anaplastic thyroid carcinoma and an enhancer of a targetable gene expression signatureHaase, Jacob
2020Unraveling the role of the RNA-binding protein MUSASHI1 in chemoresistance and malignancy of GlioblastomaPötschke, Rebecca
2020Disentangling the mechanisms underlying the island species-area relationship (ISAR)Gooriah, Leana Devi
2019Root exudates in the grassland ecosystemDietz, Sophie
2019Influence of post-anthesis drought stress on germination and malting quality in barleySurdonja, Korana
2019Molecular characterization of Trim E3 ubiquitin ligases in early neurogenesis of Xenopus laevis : [kumulative Dissertation]Lokapally, Ashwin
2019Evolutionary genetics of a bizarre adaptation : elongated forelegs of South African Rediviva bees as an adaptation to their Diascia flower hostsKahnt, Belinda
2020Are there really cryptic species within the myrmecophilous butterfly species Phengaris (Maculinea) teleius and P. (M.) nausithous (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)? : analyses across Eurasian distribution ranges, confusing effects of the endosymbiotic bacterial parasite Wolbachia, and implications for Phengaris (Maculinea) conservationJaschinsky, Sylvia
2020Molekulare Charakterisierung des Effekts von zielgerichteten Therapien in pankreatischen Neuroendokrinen Tumoren und Tumor-assoziierten Makrophagen in vitro und in vivoEgidi, Maren Juliane