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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Ultra Reliable Advanced Framework for Emergency and Mission Critical Data for 5G ServicesBojadzievski, Simon; Kalendar, Marija; Shuminoski, Tomislav
2020Prediction of Air Pollution Concentration Using Weather Data and Regression ModelsTrenchevski, Aleksandr; Kalendar, Marija; Gjoreski, Hristijan; Efnusheva, Danijela
2020The Possibilities for Deployment Eco-Friendly Indoor Wireless Networks Based on LiFi TechnologyRomanov, Oleksandr; Dong, Thi Tho; Nesterenko, Mikola
2020The Modelling Methodology of the New Product Release on the Open Market Based on the Production Systems and Rival Products Interaction DynamicsMylnikov, Leonid; Vershinin, Dimitrii; Faizrahmanov, Rustam
2020Resource Sharing Challenge for Micro Operator Pattern in 5G SDN / NFV NetworkSkulysh, Mariia; Globa, Larysa; Siemens, Eduard
2020Improved Approach to Quality Control of Telecommunication Service ProvidersGloba, Larysa; Popova, Maryna; Yushko, Nataliia
2020Mutual Influence of Opposite TCP Flows in a Congested NetworkMareev, Nikolai; Syzov, Dmytro; Kachan, Dmytro; Karpov, Kirill; Iushchenko, Maksim; Siemens, Eduard
2020Dynamic Real-Time Stream Reservation for IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networks with OpenFlowBöhm, Martin; Ohms, Jannis; Kumar, Manish; Gebauer, Olaf; Wermser, Diederich
2020Available Bandwidth Metrics for Application-Layer Reliable Multicast in Global Multi-Gigabit NetworksKarpov, Kirill; Iushenko, Maksim; Mareev, Nikolai; Siemens, Eduard; Shuvalov, Viatcheslav
1987Correlation Coefficients According to Bravais-Pearson, Spearman, and KendallSchwarz, Jürgen