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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Mar-2019Management and Information Support Issues in the Implementation of Innovation Projects in Production SystemsMylnikov, Leonid
6-Mar-2019Uncertainty Analysis of Oil Well Flow Rate on the Basis of Differential EntropyLuzyanin, Ivan; Petrochenkov, Anton; Bochkarev, Sergey
6-Mar-2019The Improvement of Machine Translation Quality with Help of Structural Analysis and Formal Methods-Based Text ProcessingMylnikova, Anna; Akhmetgaraeva, Aigul
6-Mar-2019Question Embeddings Based on Shannon Entropy - Solving intent classification task in goal-oriented dialogue systemPerevalov, Aleksandr; Kurushin, Daniil; Faizrakhmanov, Rustam; Khabibrakhmanova, Farida
6-Mar-2019Bewared Android Mobile Awareness Platform about Natural DisastersJakimovski, Goran; Davcev, Danco; Kalendar, Marija
6-Mar-2019Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Applied Innovations in IT-
6-Mar-2019Hardware Implementation of IP Packet Filtering in FPGACholakoska, Ana; Efnusheva, Danijela; Kalendar, Marija
6-Mar-2019Passive Perimeter Security Systems Based on Optical Fibers of G 652 StandardYurchenko, Alexey; Mekhtiyev, Ali; Neshina, Yelena; Alkina, Aliyna; Yugay, Vyasheslav
6-Mar-2019Evaluation of the Time-Aware Priority Queueing Discipline with Regard to Time-Sensitive Networking in Particular IEEE 802.1QbvManish, Kumar; Boehm, Martin; Ohms, Jannis; Shulha, Oleksandr; Gebauer, Olaf
6-May-2019Method of Data Dimensionality Reduction in Brain-Computer Interface SystemsFayzrakhmanov, Rustam; Bakunov, Roman