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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Detection of Changes in Oil Well Power Consumption Profile on the Basis of Dynamic Time Warping AlgorithmLuzyanin, Ivan; Petrochenkov, Anton
-Modelling the Generalized Multi-objective Vehicle Routing Problem Based on CostsKubil, Viktor; Mokhov, Vasily; Grinchenkov, Dmitry
-Cutting Time Optimization Using Technology for CNC MachinesFayzrakhmanov, Rustam; Murzakaev, Rustam; Polyakov, Anatoly
-Influence of Fuzzy Clustering on the Accuracy of Electrical Equipment Diagnostic ModelsEltyshev, Denis; Gnutova, Ksenia
-Automation of the Process of Regional Development Management Based on the Use of Smart Benchmarking TechnologyDubrovskaya, Julia; Kozonogova, Elena; Nosov, Igor; Karpovich, Yuliya
-A Concept for a High-reliability Meteorological Monitoring System Using AMQPKostromina, Anna; Siemens, Eduard; Yurii, Babich
-Prediction-based Planning in Production System Management through Subsystem InteractionSadiakhmatov, Mikhail; Mylnikov, Leonid
-Development of an Algorithm for Transition from an Electric-power System Visual Representation to a Parametric RepresentationKusakin, Anatolii; Petrochenkov, Anton; Leizgold, Dmitrii; Luzyanin, Ivan
-The External Mechanical Effects on the Value of Additional Losses in the Telecommunicationsfiber Optic Cables Under Operating ConditionsMekhtiyev, Ali; Bulatbayev, Felix; Neshina, Yelena; Siemens, Eduard; Alkina, Aliya; Shaigarayeva, Tatyana
-Efficiency of a PID-based Congestion Control for High-speed IP-networksMareev, Nikolai; Kachan, Dmitry; Karpov, Kirill; Syzov, Dmytro; Siemens, Eduard; Babich, Yurii