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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Multiphase mixed-integer nonlinear optimal control of hybrid electric vehiclesRobuschi, Nicolò; Zeile, Clemens; Sager, Sebastian; Braghin, Francesco
2020Design, implementation and simulation of an MPC algorithm for switched nonlinear systems under combinatorial constraintsBürger, Adrian; Zeile, Clemens; Altmann-Dieses, Angelika; Sager, Sebastian; Diehl, Moritz
2020Solving quadratic programs to high precision using scaled iterative refinementWeber, Tobias; Sager, Sebastian; Gleixner, Ambros M.
2020Global optimal control with the direct multiple shooting methodDiedam, H.; Sager, Sebastian
2020Optimized and personalized phlebotomy schedules for patients suffering from polycythemia veraLilienthal, Patrick; Tetschke, Manuel; Schalk, Enrico; Fischer, Thomas; Sager, Sebastian
2020Spatial relationship between the pulmonary trunk and the left coronaries : systematic risk assessment based on automated three-dimensional distance measurementsScholz, Eberhard; Hartlage, Christa; Bernhardt, Felix; Weber, Tobias; Salatzki, Janek; André, Florian; Lugenbiel, Patrick; Riffel, Johannes; Katus, Hugo; Sager, Sebastian
2020Mixed-integer optimal control under minimum dwell time constraintsZeile, Clemens; Robuschi, Nicolò; Sager, Sebastian
2020CO2 methanation process synthesis by superstructure optimizationUebbing, Jennifer; Rihko-Struckmann, Liisa; Sager, Sebastian; Sundmacher, Kai
2020Optimal control of vibration-based micro-energy harvestersLe, Thuy Thi-Thien; Jost, Felix; Sager, Sebastian
2020Mathematical modeling of RBC count dynamics after blood lossTetschke, Manuel; Lilienthal, Patrick; Pottgiesser, Torben; Fischer, Thomas; Schalk, Enrico; Sager, Sebastian
2020A web-based feedback study on optimization-based training and analysis of human decision makingEngelhart, Michael; Funke, Joachim; Sager, Sebastian
2020Novel algorithm for accelerated electroanatomic mapping and prediction of earliest activation of focal cardiacarrhythmias using mathematical optimizationWeber, Tobias; Katus, Hugo A.; Sager, Sebastian; Scholz, Eberhard P.
2020A mathematical model of white blood cell dynamics during maintenance therapy of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemiaLe, Thuy Thi-Thien; Jost, Felix; Raupach, Thomas; Zierk, Jakob; Rauh, Manfred; Suttorp, Meinolf; Stanulla, Martin; Metzler, Markus; Sager, Sebastian
2020Parameter estimation for leukocyte dynamics after chemotherapyRinke, Kristine; Jost, Felix; Findeisen, Rolf; Fischer, Thomas; Bartsch, Rainer; Schalk, Enrico; Sager, Sebastian
2020A simplified 2D heart model of the Wolff-Parkinson-White SyndromeZeile, Clemens; Scholz, Eberhard; Sager, Sebastian
2020Optimum experimental design for patient specific mathematical Leukopenia modelsJost, Felix; Rinke, Kristine; Fischer, Thomas; Schalk, Enrico; Sager, Sebastian
2020A feedback optimal control algorithm with optimal measurement time pointsJost, Felix; Sager, Sebastian; Le, Thuy Thi-Thien
2016Optimal control of a Stefan problem with gradient-based methods in FEniCSBaran, Björn
2014Numerisches Lösen grosser dünnbesetzter Matrixgleichungen in PythonBaran, Björn
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19