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dc.contributor.refereeOff, Robert
dc.contributor.authorFlor, Jan-Frederik
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this thesis is to identify design strategies for semi-open membrane structures which have the potential to improve thermal comfort conditions in tropical climates. The first part of the study analyses the characteristic tropical climate conditions and relates them to the concept of thermal comfort and its defining parameters. An overview of the development and use of membrane structures in the tropical regions is outlined. In the second part the climatic elements which are relevant to the thermal comfot are addressed with specific design strategies. The strategies are presented by means of theoretic descriptions of the underlying physical principles and further exemplified by schematic diagrams and drawings, outlining different analysis tools and design solutions for geometries and details of typical building practice. The effectiveness and relevance of each strategy regarding the impact an the improvement of thermal comfort is put in evidence by means of bibliographic research and the presentation of different case studies. The research concludes that passive design strategies applied on membrane structures are an important toll in order to enhance thermal comfort conditions in the tropics and argues for an adaptive approach towards a climate responsive design.eng
dc.publisherBibliothek, Hochschule Anhalt
dc.subjecttropisches Klima
dc.subjecttropical climate
dc.subjectthermal comfort
dc.titleDesign strategies for membrane structures in tropical climates
dc.typeMaster Thesis
dc.title.translatedEntwurfsstrategien für Membranstrukturen in tropischen Klimazonen
local.publisher.universityOrInstitutionHochschule Anhalt
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