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Title: Dynamic Real-Time Stream Reservation for IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networks with OpenFlow
Author(s): Böhm, Martin
Ohms, Jannis
Kumar, Manish
Gebauer, Olaf
Wermser, Diederich
Issue Date: 2020
Language: English
Subjects: Datenverarbeitung
Abstract: Industrial network communication requirements are changing within Industry 4.0. Current static industrial networks will require flexibility and need on demand stream r eservation with r eal-time c apabilities. Timesensitive Networking (TSN) offers real-time communication for Ethernet while also providing a mechanism to dynamically request streams (IEEE 802.1Qcc). The standard does not provide concrete specifications for the implementation. This paper evaluates the OpenFlow protocol known from Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for network management in TSN-networks. Requirements for a centralized TSN-controller were identified and OpenFlow has been evaluated if it can fulfill these requirements. An architecture for a TSN-controller has been presented. A proof-of-concept has been implemented and evaluated.
Open Access: Open access publication
License: In Copyright
Appears in Collections:International Conference on Applied Innovations in IT (ICAIIT)

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