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Title: Resource Sharing Challenge for Micro Operator Pattern in 5G SDN / NFV Network
Author(s): Skulysh, Mariia
Globa, Larysa
Siemens, EduardLook up in the Integrated Authority File of the German National Library
Issue Date: 2020
Language: English
Subjects: Datenverarbeitung
Abstract: To expand the capabilities of their networks, large operators turn to smaller operators for help, which allows serving more users. This is possible because software-defined network technologies and virtualization of network functions are used. However, the distribution of subscriber flows between the micro-operators networks problem arises. Micro-operator networks have limited technical resources. The network resources consumed by the services are unevenly in time distributed. There are situations when the network resources of the operator are not enough. At the same time, service consumers want to receive services at a given level of QoS. For dynamic control of the sufficiency of micro-operator resources, the article proposes the dynamic flow control method. The method algorithm include the stages: the flows and node resources use monitoring, the optimal node load calculation, prediction of exceeding the permissible load value, and automatic live migration. The modeling proposed algorithm results showed that there are no more overloads of the micro operator networks. The level of service delays decreased by 5%.
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