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Title: Combined optimal torque feedforward and modal current feedback control for low inductance PM motors
Author(s): Kasper, Roland
Golovakha, Dmytro
Issue Date: 2020
Type: Article
Language: English
URN: urn:nbn:de:gbv:ma9:1-1981185920-365778
Subjects: Optimal control
Feedforward torque control
Feedback current control
Permanent magnet motor
Abstract: Small sized electric motors providing high specific torque and power are required for many mobile applications. Air gap windings technology allows to create innovative lightweight and high-power electric motors that show low phase inductances. Low inductance leads to a small motor time constant, which enables fast current and torque control, but requires a high switching frequency and short sampling time to keep current ripples and losses in an acceptable range. This paper proposes an optimal torque feedforward control method, minimizing either torque ripples or motor losses, combined with a very robust and computation-e cient modal current feedback control. Compared to well-known control methods based on the Clarke-Park Transformations, the proposed strategy reduces torque ripples and motor losses significantly and o ers a very fast implementation on standard microcontrollers with high robustness, e.g., against measurement errors of rotor angle. To verify the accuracy of the proposed control method, an experimental setup was used including a wheel hub motor built with a slotless air gap winding of low inductance, a standard microcontroller and GaN (Gallium Nitride) Power Devices allowing for high PWM switching frequencies. The proposed control method was validated first by correlation of simulation and experimental results and second by comparison to conventional field-oriented control.
Open Access: Open access publication
License: (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution 4.0(CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Sponsor/Funder: DFG-Publikationsfonds 2020
Journal Title: Energies
Publisher: MDPI
Publisher Place: Basel
Volume: 13
Issue: 23
Original Publication: 10.3390/en13236184
Page Start: 1
Page End: 16
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