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Title: Wiederfund des Elatino alsinastri-Juncetum tenageiae Libb. 1932 in Niedersachsen: Lebensbedingungen, Syndynamik und Schutzbemühungen
Author(s): Täuber, Thomas
Bruns, Erwin
Steinhoff, Klaus-Jürgen
Issue Date: 2007
Type: Article
Language: English
Publisher: Hercynia - Ökologie und Umwelt in Mitteleuropa
Abstract: Täuber, T; Bruns, E.; Steinhoff, K.-J.: Rediscovery of the „Elatino alsinastri-Juncetum tenageiae Libb. 1932 in Lower Saxony – Ecology, syndynamics and conservation efforts. – Hercynia N. F. 40 (2007): 269 –278.After about 18 years two of the rarest plant-species of Lower Saxony – Schoenoplectus supinus and Elatine alsinastrum – were rediscovered in the lowland of the river Seege in the biosphere reserve „Niedersächsische Elbtalaue“. Both species are typical for the Elatino alsinastri-Juncetum tenageiae (Isoëto-Nanojuncetea, Cyperetalia fusci, Elatino-Eleocharition ovatae). In comparison to relevés made in 1988 the current relevés from 2006 differ significantly in species composition. The Soerensen coefficient of similarity based on all species is only 44 %, but 67 % if based on species with more than 40 % constancy. Especially more species with a lower index of moisture (Ellenberg´s indicator values) are part of the plant community now. Fortunately most of the endangered species could be confirmed (e. g. Anagallis minima, Isolepis setacea, Juncus tenageia, Lythrum hyssopifolia). To protect the species and the Elatino alsinastri-Juncetum tenageiae a periodically removal of biomass from the stands of this community is essential. As shown in the past a periodical occurrence of floods in spring regulary or in intervals of about 5 to 20 years is sufficient to reactivate the seed bank of these rare species of Isoëto-Nanojuncetea. There is a clear relation between the occurrence of this plant community and flood levels taken by a nearby detector.
Annotations: Die Hercynia publiziert Originalbeiträge mit dem Schwerpunkt Ökologie (mit ihren vielseitigen Aspekten der Biodiversität), Botanik, Zoologie, Geologie und Geografie, den anwendungsorientierten Bereichen des Natur- und Umweltschutzes, sowie der Land- und Forstwirtschaft.
ISSN: 2195-531X
Open Access: Open access publication
License: (CC BY-ND 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives 4.0(CC BY-ND 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives 4.0
Journal Title: Hercynia - Ökologie und Umwelt in Mitteleuropa
Volume: 40
Issue: 2
Original Publication:
Page Start: 269
Page End: 278
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