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Title: Untersuchungen zu Flora und Vegetation der epiphytischen Moose in Halle/Saale (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Author(s): Richter, Sandra
Bruelheide, Helge
Schütze, Peter
Issue Date: 2009
Type: Article
Language: English
Publisher: Hercynia - Ökologie und Umwelt in Mitteleuropa
Abstract: Richter, S.; Schütze, P.; Bruelheide, H.: Study of the flora and vegetation of epiphytic bryophytes in Halle/Saale (Saxony-Anhalt). – Hercynia N.F. 42 (2009): 177–195.In formerly heavily polluted areas in Central Germany a recovery of epiphytic vegetation has been observed as an effect of a general decline of air pollution in Germany. The extent and speed of this recovery was studied in the city of Halle (Saale) by comparing the recent bryophyte epiphytic vegetation with a survey of the early 1990s. The investigation comprised in total 48 km² of the whole urban area and included four different landscape types. We recorded 47 epiphytic bryophyte species on 36 phorophyte species. Distribution maps of all bryophyte species were compiled, which show the importance of the Saale valley as a bryophyte hotspot. A number of species were found that can be characterized as only moderately toxitolerant, and which did not occur in the former study, for instance some species of the genus Orthotrichum. However, there was also a trend of increasing abundance of species tolerant towards eutrophication. The phorophyte species with highest species number per record were Populus x canadensis, Salix alba and S. x rubens. Preferred tree species as phorophytes differed between the landscape types, e.g. Salix alba and Acer negundo dominated in the urban landscape, with the floodplain showing the highest values of species richness and coverage.
Annotations: Die Hercynia publiziert Originalbeiträge mit dem Schwerpunkt Ökologie (mit ihren vielseitigen Aspekten der Biodiversität), Botanik, Zoologie, Geologie und Geografie, den anwendungsorientierten Bereichen des Natur- und Umweltschutzes, sowie der Land- und Forstwirtschaft.
ISSN: 2195-531X
Open Access: Open access publication
License: (CC BY-ND 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives 4.0(CC BY-ND 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives 4.0
Journal Title: Hercynia - Ökologie und Umwelt in Mitteleuropa
Volume: 42
Issue: 2
Original Publication:
Page Start: 177
Page End: 195(196)
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