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Title: 16th International Doctoral Students Workshop on Logistics, Supply Chain and Production Management : June 20, 2023 Magdeburg
Editors: Glistau, Elke
Trojahn, Sebastian
Issue Date: 2023
Type: Conference object
Language: English
Publisher: Otto von Guericke University Library, Magdeburg, Germany
URN: urn:nbn:de:gbv:ma9:1-1981185920-1053324
Subjects: Beschaffung
Abstract: 2023 brings exciting developments to the workshop: Firstly, the workshop has expanded its title and focus to incorporate the realms of “Supply Chain and Production Management”. This expansion recognizes the growing interconnection between logistics and production in the industrial sector, along with the design and development of supply chains. By adopting this holistic approach, we can explore broader horizons. Secondly, in light of applied universities being granted the authority to award doctorates, Saxony-Anhalt has witnessed the establishment of new doctoral centers. Notably, our esteemed colleagues, Professors Trojahn, Behrendt, and Sackmann, are actively engaged in the "Doctoral Center for Social, Health, and Economic Sciences”, which represents and involves three out of the four universities of applied sciences: Magdeburg-Stendal, Köthen and Bernburg locations, and Merseburg. With the integration of representatives from this doctoral center, we not only benefit from the strong technical and economic competencies in logistics at Magdeburg's Otto von Guericke University but also embrace competencies and topics that enable us to address complex tasks in line with sustainability. Thirdly, after adopting a hybrid format in 2022, we are excited to return to an in-person event in 2023. Personal interactions foster essential professional exchanges and discussions, leading to valuable synergies. Unfortunately, our meeting is overshadowed by a war in Europe. However, we stand together, firmly rooted in the European spirit of freedom and peaceful coexistence among all people. Finally, in our ongoing efforts, we strive to enhance the visibility and accessibility of contributions through digital open-access publications. This applies to both the conference proceedings as a whole and individual contributions, ensuring wider reach and greater discoverability. Our introductory academic paper serves as a guide, explicitly highlighting logistical thinking. By doing so, we aim to broaden perspectives on individual research work and expand research methodologies. The published papers presented at the workshop encompass a wide range of research topics. These include the design of logistical objects such as packaging, novel processes like the control of transportation and robots, transport evaluation, the advancement and application of new methods (e.g., prediction and VSM), supply chain design, and the substitution of materials with significant improvement effects in production and logistics. The workshop serves as an invaluable platform for doctoral students to present their research and engage in discussions with experts. This not only strengthens the education of young researchers but also contributes to the advancement of research itself. As always, we extend a warm welcome to our international participants and reviewers hailing from Cuba, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, and Germany.
DOI: 10.25673/103379
Open Access: Open access publication
License: (CC BY-NC 3.0 DE) Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 3.0 Germany(CC BY-NC 3.0 DE) Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 3.0 Germany
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