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Title: Supersonic needle-jet generation with single cavitation bubbles
Author(s): Reuter, Fabian
Ohl, Claus-Dieter
Issue Date: 2021
Type: Article
Language: English
URN: urn:nbn:de:gbv:ma9:1-1981185920-912424
Subjects: Single cavitation bubbles
Supersonic needle-jet generation
Abstract: Collapsing cavitation bubbles produce intense microscopic flows. Here, in an aqueous environment, we seed single laser-induced bubbles (diameter about one millimeter) in proximity to a solid surface, in a regime that has not been well explored before in order to generate a “needle jet.” The needle jet propagates at supersonic speed through the gas phase toward the solid. It reaches average velocities of more than 850 ms 1 and thus is an order of magnitude faster than the regular jets that have frequently been observed in cavitation bubbles. The dynamics leading to the needle jet formation are studied with high speed imaging at five million frames per second with femtosecond illumination. This highly repeatable, localized flow phenomenon may be exploited for injection purposes or material processing, and it is expected to generate significantly larger water hammer pressures and may also play a role in cavitation erosion and peening.
Open Access: Open access publication
License: (CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution 4.0(CC BY 4.0) Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Sponsor/Funder: Transformationsvertrag
Journal Title: Applied physics letters
Publisher: American Inst. of Physics
Publisher Place: Melville, NY
Volume: 118
Issue: 13
Original Publication: 10.1063/5.0045705
Page Start: 1
Page End: 6
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