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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Applying the Campbell Paradigm to sustainable travel behavior : compensatory effects of environmental attitude and the transportation environmentTaube, Oliver; Kibbe, Alexandra; Vetter, Max; Adler, Maximilian; Kaiser, Florian G.
2021Increasing people’s acceptance of anthropogenic climate change with scientific facts : is mechanistic information more effective for environmentalists?Taube, Oliver; Ranney, Michael Andrew; Henn, Laura; Kaiser, Florian G.
2020Positive spillover : the result of attitude changeHenn, Laura; Otto, Siegmar; Kaiser, Florian G.
2019The role of environmental attitude in the efficacy of smart-meter-based feedback interventionsHenn, Laura; Taube, Oliver; Kaiser, Florian G.
2018How do we know we are measuring environmental attitude? : specific objectivity as the formal validation criterion for measures of latent attributesKaiser, Florian; Merten, Martin; Wetzel, Eunike
2023How to make nonhumanoid mobile robots more likable : employing kinesic courtesy cues to promote appreciationKaiser, Florian; Glatte, Karolin; Lauckner, Mathis
2022The influence of associative reward learning on motor inhibitionMarchner, Janina Rebecca; Preuschhof, Claudia
2022Context dependency of time-based event-related expectations for different modalitiesBall, Felix; Andreca, Julia; Noesselt, Tömme
2021Minimal interplay between explicit knowledge, dynamics of learning and temporal expectations in different, complex uni- and multisensory contextsBall, Felix; Spuerck, Inga; Noesselt, Tömme
2021Glucocorticoids attenuate interleukin‐6‐induced c‐Fos and Egr1 expression and impair neuritogenesis in PC12 cellsBongartz, Hannes; Seiß, Elena Anne; Bock, Jörg; Schaper, Fred
2021Magnetic tilting in nematic liquid crystals driven by self-assemblyHähsler, Martin; Nádasi, Hajnalka; Feneberg, Martin; Marino, Sebastian; Giesselmann, Frank; Behrens, Silke; Eremin, Alexey B.
2022Motivation im bürgerschaftlichen Engagement : der Zusammenhang zwischen dienender Führung und Organizational Citizenship BehaviorDüwel, Stine
2021Exact site-percolation probability on the square latticeMertens, Stephan
2022Defect characterization of heavy ion irradiated AllnN/GaN on Si high-electron-mobility transistorsChalla, S. R.; Witte, Hartmut; Schmidt, Gordon; Bläsing, Jürgen; Vega, N.; Kristukat, C.; Müller, N. A.; Debray, M. E.; Christen, J.; Dadgar, A.; Strittmatter, André
2022Desorption induced formation of low-density GaN quantum dots : nanoscale correlation of structural and optical propertiesSchürmann, Hannes; Schmidt, Gordon; Bertram, Frank; Berger, Christoph; Metzner, Sebastian; Veit, Peter; Dadgar, Armin; Strittmatter, André; Christen, Jürgen
2021Supersonic needle-jet generation with single cavitation bubblesReuter, Fabian; Ohl, Claus-Dieter
2021Origin of defect luminescence in ultraviolet emitting AlGaN diode structuresFeneberg, Martin; Romero, Fátima; Goldhahn, Rüdiger; Wernicke, Tim; Reich, Christoph; Stellmach, Joachim; Mehnke, Frank; Knauer, Arne; Weyers, Markus; Kneissl, Michael
2022Smectic free-standing films under fast lateral compressionKlopp, Christoph; Trittel, Torsten; Harth, Kirsten; Stannarius, Ralf
2021Force chains in crystalline and frustrated packing visualized by stress-birefringent spheresFischer, David; Stannarius, Ralf; Tell, Karsten; Yu, Peidong; Sperl, Matthias
2021Silo discharge of mixtures of soft and rigid grainsWang, Jing; Fan, Bo; Pongó, Tivadar; Harth, Kirsten; Trittel, Torsten; Stannarius, Ralf; Illig, Maja; Börzsönyi, Tamás; Cruz Hidalgo, Raúl
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 68