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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 153
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Determining targeting specificity of nuclearly encoded organelle proteinsSharma, Mayank
2019Characterization of CAP-D2 and CAP-D3 condensin subunits in Arabidopsis thalianaMunicio Diaz, Celia Maria
2019Shaping plastid stromules : [kumulative Dissertation]Erickson, Jessica
2019Study of the metabolism during microspore embryogenesis in wheat DH lines using -omics approachesPérez-Piñar López, Teresa
2018Signaling pathways in legume seed development : evidence for a crosstalk between trehalose 6-phosphate and auxin ; [kumulative Dissertation]Meitzel, Tobias
2019Using enrichment planting to test for environmental filtering and niche differentiation in grassland communitiesBreitschwerdt, Eva
2018Understanding species responses to habitat change across scales using the countryside species-area relationship : [kumulative Dissertation]Martins, Inês Isabel Santos
2019Contribution of ammonium transporters to growth, nitrate uptake, metabolism and development in Arabidopsis thalianaLaginha, Alberto Manasse
2018The genetic control of the social parasitism in the Cape honey bee, A. m. capensis ESCHAumer, Denise
2018The origin of saffronNemati, Zahra
2018Heterochromatisches Gensilencing und die Kontrolle der Pathogenität von C. graminicolaKummer, Wiebke
2018Identification and characterization of key regulatory components involved in the development of type VI glandular trichomes in Solanum lycopersicumChiniga Kemparaju, Chandan
2018Spontane Hybridisierung von Hundsrosen (Rosa Sekt. Caninae)Herklotz, Veit
2018Of mites and menConlon, Benjamin Hanson
2018Taxonomy and phylogeny of Megasporaceae (lichenized ascomycetes) in arid regions of EurasiaZakeri, Zakieh
2019Usability of nuclear single-copy genes compared with plastid DNA on different phylogenetic levels of and within the order PoalesHochbach, Anne
2018Biodiversity - from genes to species to communities - and ecosystem services under global changeTheodorou, Panagiotis
2019Evolutionary potential in functional traits of a wetland macrophyte (Juncus effusus) relevant for natural degradation of contaminantsBorn, Jennifer
2018SU(VAR)2-1, ein Regulator genomweiter Histon-Deacetylierung, ist essentiell für die Bildung von Heterochromatin in DrosophilaWalther, Matthias
2018Taxonomic monograph of the genus Taeniolella s. lat. (Ascomycota)Heuchert, Bettina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 153