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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Age-dependent upregulation of mechanosensitive channel Piezo1 impairs hippocampal synaptic plasticityMirzapourdelavar, Hadi
2023Die proteolytische Entstehung des löslichen Interleukin-2 alpha-RezeptorsDahl, Sophia Marie
2023Regulation of low repeat spike timing-dependent LTP in CA1 of mouse hippocampal slices by GABAergic inhibition and Dopamine signalingKhodaie, Babak
2023Statistical dynamics of soft low-friction grainsWang, Jing
2023Immune response to Toxoplasma gondii at the choroid plexus and the the immunomodulatory impact of the neuropeptide PACAPFigueiredo, Caio Andreeta
2023Mast cell secretory granules serve as endogenous c-type lectin receptor ligands skewing dendritic cell function towards T-H2/T-H17 responseKotrba, Johanna
2023The functional architecture of memory representations in the parahippocampal-hippocampal systemGrande, Xenia
2023The role of the cGAS-STING pathway in mammalian brain physiology and ageingPassarella, Sergio
2023Maintaining neuroplasticity in a sex-dependent manner during healthy aging : critical role of neuropeptide YKlinger, Katharina
2023Monogenic causes of severe fetal abnormalities leading to prenatal or perinatal lethality : lessons from Neu-Laxova syndromeAbdelfattah, Fatima
2023Spread of Langat virus in the central nervous system in miceFritzsch, David
2023Effekte freier Ladungsträger auf die optischen Eigenschaften von kubischem GalliumnitridBaron, Elias
2023Entschlüsselung neuer molekularer Mechanismen zur CD95/Fas-abhängigen Induktion des programmierten Zelltods : Entwicklung innovativer Ansätze zur gezielten Modifikation des CD95/Fas SignalwegesHillert-Richter, Laura Katharina
2023From choice to action : neural activity tracking decision makingRogge, Julia
2023How to see the invisible? : an objective approach to cognitive fatigue diagnosis and treatment evaluation in people with multiple sclerosisLinnhoff, Stefanie
2023The effects of emotion on involuntary attention in children and adultsBonmassar, Carolina
2023Explaining auditory event-related fields by a dynamical network of oscillators emerging from the anatomical structure of auditory cortexHajizadeh, Aida
2022Role of GABA-dependent hippocampal network oscillations in anxiety and learned fearPollali, Evangelia
2022fMRI investigations of visual cortex dynamics : impact of peripheral visual field restrictionsPrabhakaran, Gokulraij
2023Role of USP48 and A20 on cell survival of gastric epithelium during Helicobacter pylori infectionJantaree, Phatcharida
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 519