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In dieser Sammlung enthaltene Open-Access-Publikationen stammen aus Transformationsverträgen, gehören zu den durch den Publikationsfonds geförderten Publikationen, oder wurden im Rahmen des DeepGreen-Projektes eingespielt.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Regional differences in uptake of vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza in Germany : results from the DigiHero cohortKlee, Bianca; Diexer, Sophie; Sarajan, Myka Harun; Glaser, Nadine; Binder, Mascha; Frese, Thomas; Girndt, Matthias; Sedding, Daniel; Höll, Jessica; Moor, Irene; Gekle, Michael; Mikolajczyk, Rafael; Gottschick, Cornelia
2023Climate change and cropland management compromise soil integrity and multifunctionality$BMarie Sünnemann, Linnea C. Smith, Carlos A. Guerra [und einige weitere]Sünnemann, Marie; Smith, Linnea C.; Guerra, Carlos A.; [und viele weitere]
2023Applicability of redirecting artemisinins for new targetsGolenser, Jacob; Hunt, Nicholas H.; Birman, Ida; Jaffe, Charles L.; Zech, Johanna; Mäder, Karsten; Gold, Daniel
2023Comparative immune response after vaccination with SOBERANA® 02 and SOBERANA® plus heterologous scheme and natural infection in young childrenPérez-Nicado, Rocmira; Massa, Chiara; Müller, Anja; Seliger, Barbara
2023Complement and platelets : prothrombotic cell activation requires membrane attack complex-induced release of danger signalsMannes, Marco; Schmidt, Christoph Q.; [und viele weitere]
2023Tumor immunology meets oncology (TIMO) XVII, April 20-22 2023 in Halle/Saale, GermanySeliger, Barbara
2023MAPPinfo - mapping quality of health information : validation study of an assessment instrumentKasper, Jürgen; Lühnen, Julia; Hinneburg, Jana Sophie; Siebenhofer-Kroitzsch, Andrea; Posch, Nicole; Berger-Höger, Birte; Grafe, Alexander; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova; Steckelberg, Anke
2023The global biogeography of tree leaf form and habitMa, Haozhi; Bruelheide, Helge; [und viele weitere]
2023Emerging threats and opportunities to managed bee species in European agricultural systems : a horizon scanWillcox, Bryony K.; Al Naggar, Yahya; [und viele weitere]
2023The past, present, and future of wheat dwarf virus management : a reviewPfrieme, Anne-Kathrin; Will, Torsten; Pillen, Klaus; Stahl, Andreas
2023Scanning electrochemical microscopy for electrochemical energy conversion and storageSteimecke, Matthias
2023Investigating laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) formation in silicon and their impact on surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS)Vaghasiya, Hardik; Miclea, Paul-Tiberiu
2024The impact of food stimuli and fasting on cognitive control in task switchingMaydych, Viktoria; Pöschel, Hanna; Kübler, Sebastian; Schubert, Torsten
2023The positive effect of plant diversity on soil carbon depends on climateSpohn, Marie; Haider, Sylvia Simone Rebekka; [und viele weitere]
2023Orbital hall effect and orbital edge states caused by s electronsBusch, Oliver; Mertig, Ingrid; Göbel, Börge
2023Consequences of contact restrictions for long‑term care residents during the first months of COVID‑19 pandemic : a scoping reviewBenzinger, Petra; Wahl, Hans-Werner; Bauer, Jürgen M.; Keilhauer, Anne; Dutzi, Ilona; Maier, Simone; Hölzer, Natalie; Achterberg, Wilco P.; Denninger, Natascha-Elisabeth
2024Stability of quadruple hydrogen bonds in an ionic liquid environmentLi, Chenming; Bhandary, Rajesh; Marinow, Anja; Bachmann, Stephanie; Pöppler, Ann-Christin; Binder, Wolfgang H.
2024Stakeholder governance to facilitate collaboration for a systemic circular economy transition : a qualitative study in the European chemicals and plastics industrySchultz, Felix Carl; Valentinov, Vladislav; Kirchherr, Julian; Reinhardt, Robert Jaroslav; Pies, Ingo
2023S3 guideline "actinic keratosis and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma" - update 2023, Part 2, Epidemiology and etiology, diagnostics, surgical and systemic treatment of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC), surveillance and preventionLeiter-Stöppke, Ulrike; Vordermark, Dirk; [und viele weitere]
2023A comparison between SARS-CoV-2 and gram-negative bacteria-induced hyperinflammation and sepsisBrandenburg, Klaus; Ferrer-Espada, Raquel; Martinez-de-Tejada, Guillermo; Nehls, Christian; Fukuoka, Satoshi; Mauss, Karl; Weindl, Günther; Garidel, Patrick
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2517